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Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan Concludes
"Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan" held in Pasifico Yokohama has come to an end.
The EXPO of this year attracted 18,143 exhibition visitors.
147 companies and organizations exhibited, bringing their latest innovative technologies, products and services applied to the present and future Geospatial society.
The symposiums of 21 themes were carried out, and 3,695 people concerned participated.
The Geospatial EXPO Executive Committee would like to thank all visitors and participants.

Report on Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan  (summary)
The Second Geospatial EXPO in June,2012!!

Why Geospatial EXPO 2012 ?
  Anything happening in our daily life has two attributes – WHEN and WHERE.
  Information on "WHEN and WHERE" and relevant information are collectively called Geospatial Information.
  Anytime, anywhere and for anybody --- Geospatial society where geospatial information is highly utilized to enhance the safety and quality of our daily lives.

  Industry, academia and administration in Japan are cooperating to hold Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan
--- the second EXPO to focus on exploring technologies, products and services applied to the present and future Geospatial society.
  At the Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan, symposiums, exhibition, and various events for experimenting will be held.
  Through these events Geospatial EXPO will create a community where geospatial information will be used more extensively by promoting the exchange of goods and information, the further development of technologies, products and services, and exploring new ideas on the creation of new industries.
What's New
Closing date for exhibit application is extended until no empty space of the exhibition hall.
Sooner submission of exhibit application is appreciated.
Public relations of Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan are supported by media partners.
We welcome media companies able to help to publicize the exhibition as media partners.
New version of Basic Plan for the Advancement of Utilizing Geospatial Information (FY2011- FY 2016) was approved by the Cabinet.
Orientation meeting for exhibitors and symposium organizer was held.
2012/3/1 The 14th of the Geospatial EXPO Executive Committee
The basic policy of venue use and other implementation plan has been reported.
2012/2/7 The 3rd of the Working team of Geospatial EXPO executive committee
The basic policy of venue use was decided. Three themes --- "Development of mew markets, invention of new technologies, and creation of new services", "Use of space technologies" and "Contribution to the safety and security of our life" was decided.
2011/12/7 Explanatory meeting for Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan
Date: December 7, 2012
Venue: Keidanren-Kaikan
Ready for the pamphlet "Call for Exhibits"
Promotion for the Geospatial EXPO 2011 was carried out at the International Robot Exhibition 2011
2011/11/4 Working team of Geospatial EXPO executive committee
Preliminary investigation is performed.
Acceptance of exhibit application is started.
Closing date is January 31, 2012
2011/10/12 Working team of Geospatial EXPO executive committee
Decided the contents of "Call for Exhibit"
2011/9/26 (Geospatial EXPO Executive Committee)
A summary, schedule and budget for Geospatial EXPO 2012 were decided. Also, a guideline of the Geospatial EXPO executive committee was revised.
Official website of the Geospatial EXPO 2012 (preliminary version) was uploaded.
2011/4/28 (Geospatial EXPO Executive Committee)
"Geospatial EXPO 2012" is decided to be held from June 21 to 23, 2012.
Pre-event on Geospatial EXPO 2012
Kansai Geospatial Forum in Wakayama <Finished>
Date: December 20, 2011
Venue: Wakayama Big Ai (Wakayama)
Geospatial WAVE2011 CSIS + g-Contents WORLD <Finished>
Date: November 24, 2011
Venue: Komaba Research Campus, the University of Tokyo
Kansai Geospatial Forum <Finished>
Date: November 21-22, 2011
Venue: Kensetsu-Koryu-Kan in Osaka
GPS/GNSS Symposium 2011 <Finished>
Date: October 26-28, 2011
Venue: Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
The 22th Conference on applied Survey Technology <Finished>
Date: September 20,2011
Venue: Sokuryo-nenkin-kaikan Hall in Tokyo
International Conference Spatial Thinking and Geographic Information Sciences <Finished>
Date: September 14-16, 2011
Venue: Komaba Research Campus, the University of Tokyo
Media Partner
Geospatial 2012 Call for Exhibits can be downloaded here

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