Lectures & Symposiums
There will be symposiums, lectures and seminars provided by the specialists who are active in the front lines, so you will be able to touch on the latest information, the research outcome, the industry and technology trends, and the case study that support the realization of the Geospatial society.

Symposiums of Geospatial EXPO 2012 (Tentative Schedule)
These programs are tentatively scheduled and are sabject to change.

【Development of new markets, invention of new technologies, and creation of new services】
➣ June 21 (Thursday)
●The 23rd Research Conference on Applied Survey and Geospatial Information Technology
[Japan Association of Surveyors (JAS)] J
●Big Data and Ambient Social Infrastructure [Multimedia Promotion Forum(MMF)] J
●Open government provide big opportunity-Administrative information leads to innovation-
[Association for Promotion of Infrastructure Geospatial Information Distribution]J
➣ June 22 (Friday)
●International symposium on "Direction of the expansion of overseas business in the field of Geospatial information" [National and Regional Policy Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(MLIT)]J & E
●Digital Road Map as an Infrastructure for Geospatial Information Exchanging
[Japan Digital Road Map Association(DRM)]J
●Geo Activity Festa [Geospatial Information Authority of Japan(GSI)]J
●G-Spatial WAVE 2012 g-Contents world plus Geomedia Summit – Part 1
[g-Contents Exchange Promotion Association]J
➣ June 23 (Saturday)
●Briefing Session of Cooperative Research on the Application of Location Information Code
[Geospatial Information Authority of Japan(GSI)]J
●Woman's Sensitivity and Map Representation: Possibilities of the New Market
[Japan Cartographers Association]J
●G-Spatial WAVE 2012 g-Contents world plus Geomedia Summit – Part 2
[g-Contents Exchange Promotion Association]J
●Student Forum at G-spatial EXPO [Student Forum Steering Committee]J E

【Use of space technologies】
➣ June 22 (Friday)
●International symposium on "Application of Satellite-Positioning/ Geospatial-Information" & "Contribution to welfare of the Asia-Oceania region (AOR)"
[Center for Spatial Information Science, at the University of Tokyo(CSIS)]
[Supported by Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA) Secretariat, Secretariat of Strategic Headquarters for the Space Policy Cabinet Secretariat]J & E

【Contribution to the safety and security of our life】
➣ June 21 (Thursday)
●Outreach seminar on public survey [Geospatial Information Authority of Japan(GSI)]J
●Geospatial information symposium on disaster management [Geospatial Information Authority of Japan(GSI)]J
●What mechanisms should be made for effective use of geospatial information in preparation for earthquake disaster? [GIS Association of Japan (GISA) ]J
➣ June 22 (Friday)
●Big profit from latest survey Information.
[Japan Federation of Survey and Planning Associations (JSP) ]J
●Spatial Information for Post-Disaster Surveys -- Ongoing New Developments after the Great East Japan Earthquake [Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(JSPRS)]J
●The 34th R & D forum on precise survey and applied technology
[Association of Precise Survey and Applied Technology (APA)]J
➣ June 23 (Saturday)
●Proposals from Geography for the Rebirth of the Country
[The Association of Japanese Geographers(AJG)]J
●Reconstruction from Great East Japan Earthquake-Proposal of New Concept
[Japan Association of Surveyors (JAS)]J
●Effectual "Maps"- Geo-spatiial Information for Education of Disaster Preventions
[Japan Map Center (JMC)]J
●The creation of spatially enabled society of Japan: the future developed by cadastres
[Japan Federation of Land and House Investigators' Associations]J

◆Language : J Japanese、 E English、 J & E Japanese & English (Simultaneous interpretation)

■ Wide variety of lectures, symposiums, research presentation and seminars to discuss the further development of Geospatial society
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